Dark Matter

Take My Soul, it's all I have,

Buried in the Fortress I call home,

Until the walls perish and I welcome The Fall,

Laying myself to rest - in the garden of Dead Flowers.


“Dreamy alt-pop with a barbed edge, there’s a veil of darkness within PINERO/SERENE that fascinates at every turn”

- Clash Music

“Beautifully matched and melancholy”

- FGUK Magazine

“Their sound is darker, moodier, and, at times, menacing”

- TMRW Magazine

“The sonic dimensions of ‘Take My Soul’ are a dreamy, otherworldly concoction, imbued with genuine ardour”

- Original Rock


Take My Soul


Dead Flowers


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Are bass player, Cheryl Pinero and vocalist Neeq Serene, committed to the creation of dark, atmospheric soundscapes, through a unique and paralleled songwriting collaboration, that personifies emotional experience.

The first single release “Take My Soul” is an artistic exploration of the fundamental coexistence of darkness and light, both in the relationship with self and another.

Their sophomore single "Dead Flowers" is the last in the chain of a four track EP which takes you on a journey through personal evolution. It’s about facing the fear of letting go, to make space for a new dimension of existence and perception.

In their first EP release “Dark Matter”, the London duo create an immersive, dream-like experience, born from the amalgamation of melodic bass lines and a melancholic vocal narrative.

Dark Matter reflects a state of being that can’t be seen, but can be felt. Its about bringing consciousness to emotions and accepting the seasons of self, which are manifested in the (debut) EP in the form of the elements; earth, air, water and fire.